Day of the Dead Remake Reviews


Although its not on DVD yet fans of Romeros work and the zombie genre have already managed to see the movie and submit their reviews. Its a mixed bag at this point. Two readers really liked it, and two really hated it.

Myself I watched it last night and thought it was ok but had the vibe of being done by somebody who didnt understand what zombie fans like or the zombie genre.

Give some of the reviews below a read. I would suggest read a good one and read a bad one to get both perspectives. Read em all if you want :) If you have seen it  be sure to submit your own review.

Day of the Dead (2008) Review by BASSI  
Day Of The Dead (2008) Review by Jsin  
Day of the Dead 2008 Review by sickf**k  
Day of the Dead 2007 Review by shemarvin9  

If you want to see what all the hub-bub is about you can checkout the trailer for the film right here

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