Two New Black Devil Doll Trailers


Today is a glorious day for fans who have been eagerly awaiting Director Jonathan Lewis' Black Devil Doll. Two trailers have been released for the film and while they are not totally brand new they do have some different footage within them. The Uncut Trailer 2 that you see below is like the first trailer only it features some new gore shots. The R-Rated trailer on the other hand has a bunch of new stuff.

Now if you have been following the film then you should already know that anything considering this movie is NSFW. Right now the cast and crew plan on hitting up two more conventions where they will show an exclusive clip from the film. Next up is Cinema Wasteland in Stongsville, OH where I will be in attendance. So be sure to hit that one up! Then they will be on to the Fangoria Weekend of Horror's.

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