Shutter Remake Clips


From FOX comes 3 new Shutter clips. Also dont forget FOX is giving away a Digital SLR Camera and Starter Kit! to promote the upcoming release of the film. You can enter said contest right here. "Shutter" begins when Thun, a young photographer and his girlfriend, Jane accidentally crash into a woman by the street while driving a car. They decide to leave the dead woman and drive away. 

Later, Thun discovers an unexplained event when he finds a mysterious shadow appears on his photo. He thinks that's just a bad picture, but then he realizes there's something more behind the shadow -- the shadow shows as the shape of the face that's familiar to the dead woman. Now, the couple gradually find out a terrible connection between the shadow and the photo. Checkout the first shutter clip below and the rest right here: Shutter Clips 

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