April Fools Day Remake Clips


On TerrorFeed you can checkout a whack of new clips for the upcoming April Fools Day Remake. I have pasted one of the clips below its called 'CHASE' Goon and I are both big fans of The Hamiltons but it would seem that April Fools Day..

The remake is far from the genius we might hope according to horror fans. And at the end of the day fans know best. I am hoping to review the film myself before it hits dvd March 25th but I am having trouble locating a copy. 5thDroog and Bassi two readers who are fantastic writers have both submitted their reviews and unfortunately neither one is overly glowing. I encourage you to give them a read. And of course feel free to submit your own review.

April Fool's Day (2008) Review by BASSI  
April Fools Day (2008) Review by the5thdroog  

The new "April Fool's" revolves around a party given by two uber rich siblings, played by Taylor Cole and Josh Henderson, for their friend (Scout Taylor-Compton of "Halloween"). Tragedy strikes when a friend falls over a balcony and dies. One by one, each partygoer is found dead. I would also point out that you should give MovieMavens Top 10 Horror Remakes That Dont Suck Article

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