First Look: King Bong


We sometimes complain about all the sequels being made to big name movies, but what about the sequels to smaller films?  Well we have another one on the way as there is a follow up to Charles Band's Evil Bong on it's way, and this one is title King Bong.  Yup, thats right another horror/comedy about a giant killer bong from Full Moon Direct.  

Not to many details are known about this project, but Fangoria got their hands on the first picture of the new bong as well as a brief interview with FX Artist Jeff Farley.  From the sounds of the interview, I'd say King Bong is going to revolve around the pursuit of an ancient bong statue in the jungle.  It appears a lot of the Evil Bong cast will be returning for this as well, including Brian Lloyd's character Brett who can be seen sporting as fatsuit in the Fangoria article. 

Check out the Fangoria's article for the first look at King Bong. 

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