The Road Gets a Release Date


Good news for fans of Author Cormac McCarthy, the adaptation of his Pulitzer Prize winning novel (and Orpah Book Club Favorite) "The Road" will be hitting theaters late in 2008. In news that slipped by me last week, Box Office Mojo reported The Road will be hitting theaters November 26th, which happens to be Thanksgiving Weekend.  The Road is being directed by John Hillcoat who impressed me with this last film, the violent western The Proposition, so I'd love to see what he does with this.  If he brings the same gritty & violent style he did in that, this could be quite a film

The Road revolves around a nameless man who is trying to get his son to safety after a nuclear fallout.  Unfortunately the road to keeping his son safe turns into a nightmare as it is dangerously filled with survivors who have turned into mutated cannibal armies.  It stars Viggo Mortensen, Charlize Theron, Robert Duvall, and Guy Pearce. 

This is one of the few McCarthy books I have not read, but to me it sounds like a cross between I Am Legend and Doomsday.  No word on a rating yet, but I wonder if they will take the gritty route and go R, or if they will bank on the stars appeal and go PG-13.  McCarthy last adapted novel was No Country For Old Men, so my fingers crossed to an R rating because McCarthy's novels deserve the full R treatment.   

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