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If you have been visiting the site lately then you would know that we have been covering an indie horror film, Jessicka Rabid. Serving as Producer/co-writer/actress Elske McCain has been putting her heart and soul into this film. We decided it was time to get the low down on the film and to see exactly where the film is at right now. Check out what Elske had to say..

As I understand it, this has been a pet project of yours for quite sometime. How long have you had the idea for this movie?

I came up with the idea for Jessicka Rabid around January of 2007. I had told my friend Matt Reel that our next picture should be a slasher film, because they are my favorite type of movies, and they are cheaply made. The second thing I told him was the title was to be Jessicka Rabid, an internet nickname of mine. The third thing I told him was to make sure that we could film it at my house, or else we probably couldn't afford it. So with these instructions, I left Matt here at my house for 2 weeks, while I went out of town to do a convention and film a movie. When I returned 2 weeks later, the script was done.

Previously you told me that the script has a lot of personal subtext. Could you tell us more about that?

I really wanted to create an autistic serial killer, because I have an autistic child. Most of the characteristics and behaviour that Jessicka displays are directly influenced by my daughter. Autistic people don't always know the difference between right and wrong, so I thought it would be intriguing to incorporate that into a modern day female serial killer. Some of the other characters in the film are loosely based on people in my actual life.

What were some of the other influnences on making a film like this?

As you probably noticed in the trailer, Jessicka Rabid contains some sexual violence. When I was a young child I witnessed a terrible rape, and then again in college a similar situation occured. These things impacted my life so much, I needed to express this artistically. Jessicka Rabid was the perfect opportunity for me to do this.

Has it been easy to get people on board for the film? It seems as though some people have had to leave for one reason or another. Has that effected the route the film was going to take at all?

Overall  I would say it was easy getting people that wanted to help out. The hard part was weeding out the ones who did not belong. My project was so tight, that everybody "on board" had to obviously want the same goal. We all work together, as a team. The moment somebody on my cast/crew showed that they were not serious about this, didn't really care or other random events led me to remove them from the project. Other than Joe Knetter, who is a good friend who dropped out for personal reasons. He will still be writing a novelization which will be his own unique spin on the tale. I think the movie may end up being slightly different than the original vision, but in a good way.

Matthew Reel seems to be a frequent collaborator with you. How did you first meet?

We met online at a horror dvd website. I didn't meet him in person until I needed a local person to come and film my audition for Poultrygeist. So I emailed Matt and he came over to help me. Although I didn't get the part, Matt cast me in a short film called The Goat Sucker and the rest is history.

Was it a no brainer for you to have him direct and co-write the script with you?

Of course. Matt is one of my best friends and without him, there would be no Jessicka Rabid. I couldn't imagine having another director film his script. Matt is an artist with a vision and I am excited to see his work in feature length format. I think it will be a beautiful thing.

What luxuries have you been able to take by starting up your own production company, Dahlia Jade Productions?

The thing I am most excited about is the money. I hope I eventually make money by making my own movies, as opposed to depending on everybody else to put me in cool stuff. I don't have to worry about them because I can always just make my own movies, the kinds I like, with the people I like.

How would you describe Jessicka Rabid to someone who has never heard of the project?

Jessicka Rabid is the tale of a mentally handicapped girl who is abused by her white trash family. If Encino Man was a horror flick, it would be kinda like Jessicka Rabid. A friend of mine described it as Nell meets Catwoman. :)

What was the atmosphere on the set like?

The atmosphere was very close knit. We filmed at my house and had a total of 8 cast/crew members. Trent Haaga, who has worked on over 40 movies claimed it was the smallest crew he had ever worked on. We are all friends. I miss them. We drank a lot of Dunkin Donuts coffee. We would drink quite a bit after we would be done filming. Kind of like a party that lasted a month or so. ;)

Now that the filming is completed how long will it be before it makes its premiere?

The film should be done with the first edit in the next couple of months. I have several people interested in distributing the movie, and I have already spoken with the Loft Cinema about possibly premiering the movie there. It was their idea!

Have you seen a rough cut of the film yet and if so was it everything you had hoped?

I have not yet seen a rough cut. From the updates I have heard, it is coming along great, and even better than I was hoping. I have a lot of faith in Matt, and I know the movie will be amazing.

Is it possible that we may see a sequel in the works at some point?

Yes, I am very seriously considering a sequel. It's practically writing itself as we speak. I have a feeling Jessicka Rabid is going to be around for a while.

Do you have any other projects that you plan to produce/star/write for Dahlia Jade Productions?

At this moment, no. I am just patiently waiting for our first movie to be completed. That way after I see the reaction I will know whether or not to continue producing films.

Are you involved in any other films that are coming up?

I am going to be producing and starring in a horror flick set in Tucson this Fall. I cannot really give any details or the writer will kill me! Other than that, I am working on hosting a dvd series called "Exploitation Cinema" which will be on the shelves by Summer. I am going to be doing a few conventions to promote these dvds, and my other movies. And then hopefully I can go on vacation. :)

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk with us. Is there anything else you would like to add or plug?

I just would like to thank the cast and crew of the movie for coming out and helping me with this movie. It means alot that other people besides myself care about this movie.

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