Queen of Black Magic Coming to DVD!


If you're a fan of cult cinema there is no doubt that it can be hard to find some titles on DVD, especially foreign cult favorites.  They dont often get DVD releases like bigger, more well known films.  Fortunately for fans of cult cinema, every now and then a company will roll the dice and give DVD treatment to a film you least expect.  TwitchFilm just reported that this is the case with Mondo Macabro set to release The Queen of Black Magic on DVD May 27. 

Many people may not be familiar with this film as it is a 1979 Indonesian cult horror classic, but it really helped start the Indonesian exploitaion boom.  It is being released on DVD for the first time ever, fully restored and remastered and in it's original aspect ratio(2.35:1).   

Some special features have been announced by Mondo Macabro and include:

  •  Brand new (2008) anamorphic transfer from the original negative.
  • Interview with special FX creator El Badrun, produced by Mondo Macabro and exclusive to this release.
  • Extensive background information about the film, written by Pete Tombs.
  • Original theatrical trailer.
  • Mondo Macabro’s ever-popular preview reel!

In The Queen of Black Magic, a woman is left for dead after being suspected of using dark arts to ruin a wedding.  She is rescued and decides to use her suspected black magic and become the queen of evil, enslaving men with her powers along the way.  But things dont quite turn out the way she planned....

I have not personally seen this film but I may have to check it out as it is said to be filled with eye-popping special FX and plenty of gore as only 70's exploitation flicks can provide.  Again, look for The Quuen of Black Magic on DVD May 27th. 

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