Win 13 Game of Death DVD Contest


13 Game of Death is now on DVD and we have a contest for you all.. I know you hate contests! Intense thriller about a man who is given the chance to complete 13 challenges for the chance to win $100 million. The challenges get more and more intense, dangerous and grotesque. At what point would you draw the line and give up $100 million?

To enter this contest you must be a member of our forum with at least 50 Toe Tags. Toe Tag are agained earned from posting on the boards, writing reviews, etc. To enter email with the subject GAME OF DEATH and include your username/age/address and REAL name. We will pick a winner from those of you with 50 toe Tags. If you dont have 50 yet, you can enter and go get some points. Its easy! Checkout the 13 Game of Death Trailer

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