Julie Benz joins SAW 5 Cast


We just got some SAW 5 updates. Julie Benz currently starring in Showtime's DEXTER and next to be seen in THE PUNISHER: WAR ZONE joins the cast as "a Brit with clothes and hair too proper and elegant to be a pawn in Jigsaw's latest games" according to the Hollywood Reporter.  Whatever that means?!

The production started shooting in Toronto last week, directed by David Hackl, and is planned to be released on October 24th. Thanks to DirtyRobot for the scoop.

We all know at this point that Jigsaw is dead. We all wondered how the hell they were going to make a Saw 4 with Tobin Bell. Well we were given the answer when the film was released which I think was cheap trick. This time will definitely raise some questions about how Jigsaw will return.

Producer Mark Burg told the Edmonton Times about Saw 5, "It won't be (Jigsaw's) ghost and it won't be a secret twin." The article also stated that production will begin on May 17th. So once again we have to wonder how Jigsaw will make his return. My bet is flashbacks. Weigh in on the forums..

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