Sweeney Todd DVD Bonus Buys!


Just the other day we mentioned you could buy Cloverfield at FYE in a very cool steelbook edition. Today IGN has learned of some really cool deals for Sweeney Todd. Hopefully you have some of these stores by you if you were a fan of the film because I'm sure you dedicated fans will kill for some of this stuff.

If you buy the film at Best Buy you get two free tickets to The Ruins. Suncoast and FYE have the limited edition steelbook DVD. Costco however has quite a deal going though. If you buy it there you will get the Sweeney Todd Fleet Street Giftset which includes the hardcover companion book. Borders will have the abridged version of the companion book.

So depending on how much green you have to spend you can pick up one of the special releases. Below is one of the photos that IGN managed to grab of the Sweeney Todd Fleet Street Giftset.

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