Hebert West vs George W. Bush


Its been a long time since the fourth installment to the Re-Animator series, House of Re-Animator was mentioned as it is...dead.  Its really sad as not only Jeffery Combs would reprise the role that made him a genre favorite, but Bruce Abbott and Barbara Crampton were also coming back.  Director Stuart Gordon had netted stellar actors William H. Macy (Edmond, Sahara) to play the President West is hired to reanimate and George Wendt (Cheers, Masters of Horror: Family) was on board as the Vice-President.  A very solid cast. 

Fangoria was able to catch up to Stuart Gordon.  The director put is simply that the current political situation has made people too squeamish to hand over the money:

"I think people are still too afraid of offending the Bush administration...I mean, here's Re-Animator, which is a very successful franchise, but nobody wanted to do that story.  People are defiantly afraid. These guys are known for payback."

Honestly I can see where the fear might be coming from.  But then again, Joe Dante was able to get away with doing the very politically charged (to put it very mildly) Masters of Horror episode Homecoming.  The producers behind the MoH really had the balls to do something like that.  Maybe Gordon should have gone to them about producing the film.

I'm very sad this film is dead.  Since its such a period piece, you really can't do it several years down the road, it wouldn't have the impact.  I would like to hunt down a copy of the screenplay, would be very curious as to how incendiary it was.  Oh well, too bad, woulda loved to have seen another Herbert West film.

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