Dante Remaking Thirst; Garris Doing Bag Of Bones


Sometimes you stumble across a news article that is kind of a 2-for-1 bonus of good news, and this is one of them.  According to a recent Fangoria Radio interview with Mick Garris, Mick announced he is no longer helming the remake of the vampire film Thirst, but that his good buddy Joe Dante is now going to take over the project.  As a bonus he announced he left the Thirst remake in-order to direct an adaptaion of Stephen King's Bag of Bones instead.  Seems like a fair trade off to me as we will have Dante doing a vampire flick and Garris adapting King.  Sounds win/win to me.

Just to end the confusion Thirst is a remake of the 1979 Rod Hardy vampire film Thirst, not the 2006 Jeremy Kasten film The Thirst.  Thirst revolves around Kate Davis who has been kidnapped by a bloodthirsty cult. According to the prophecies of the Hyma Brotherhood, she must fulfill her destiny by marrying their leader and helping them quench their diabolical search for blood.

No word on production dates or casting news for either Thirst or Bag of Bones.

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