LonelyGirl Goes Horror


I'm sure some of you remember that lame internet sensation youtube series LonelyGirl15. At first everyone assumed it was a true story and were following along and hanging on her every word. Well thanks to a couple not so gullible viewers we discovered it was actually all a stunt with actress Jessica Rose in the middle.

Rose appeared in I Know Who Killed Me last year for about five minutes but today it looks like she is coming back to the internet youtube format. What looks like another little youtube series is Blood Cell. It sounds insanely familiar to One Missed Call.

One night she receives a video message on her cell phone from her friend which says she has been kidnapped. Before the message ends the kidnapper steps into the frame and the message ends. So she decides to run out into the night to rescue her. If you are at all interested you can check out the official website or check out the teaser below..

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