Top Ten Head Shots

This week I wanted to have some fun with the Top Ten, some good gory fun. So I decided to look for the coolest exploding heads, shots to the head and decapitations in horror film history. As usual there were TONS to choose from so it was very difficult to narrow it down even though I knew the Top 3 going in. I had a great time looking them up and here they are:

Top Ten Head Shots

10. Friday the 13th Part VI (1986) - Of all the head shots in all the films I have chosen, this one is by far NOT the goriest but anytime you get three dead bodies for the price of one…that is a helluva deal. The number ten slot goes to our fearless weekend warriors as they simultaneously lose their heads over the situation at Camp Forest Green. I’ll have a triple decap with extra scream, please. Thank you.

9. The Descent (2005) - This is another where you get more for your money. There are so many things I love about this scene. One, it was early in the film so you got an idea that you were in for some great shit. Two, it was fast and furious and completely unexpected. And three, it’s a TWOFER. You get two impaled people and one is a kid. Classic.

8. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) - As many issues as I have with this film, I have to admit the headshot in the van is one of the coolest I have ever seen. I mean come on, you get to go THROUGH the hole in the head. How fun is that?

7. High Tension (2003) - Death by furniture. What a gut clinching scene this is. Daddy goes down to check on the noise (in a flowery robe, no less) and comes face to face with the grubbiest looking man alive. After forcing Daddy’s head through the spindles of the staircase, he ruthlessly shoves a bureau right at him turning his head into a sideways Pez dispenser.

6. The Omen (1976) - This is one of my favorite death scenes of all time. The Omen is a superior film in most respects and although it is not smothered in gore, it has many great moments. This is the best. When David Warner’s photographer character gets the plate of glass to the neck I get so giddy I can’t stand it. Watching his head roll over and over and over…whew. Let’s move on.

5. The Fly (1986) - You will notice I mention The Fly in a lot of Top Tens. That is simply because all should bow to it’s awesomeness. Cronenberg throws goop at you through the whole thing. But one of the greatest is the shotgun to the head at the end. I can feel the splatter when I sit too close to the TV.

4. Maniac (1980) - Tom Savini is well known for dispatching unfortunate victims in memorable death scenes. One of his messiest is his own. His character in Maniac gets a point blank shotgun blast to the face through a windshield. Call The Wolf if you want, but nobody’s cleaning up this mess before Bonnie gets home.

3. Deadly Friend (1986) - For anyone who ever watched The Goonies and wanted some revenge on Mama Fratelli, you will love Elvira’s death scene in Deadly Friend. No, Kristy doesn’t squash her with her hotness. This is a basketball to the head complete with body dancing around after. Gotta watch this one over and over again. Fun times.

2. Dawn of the Dead (1978) - No list of great head shots would be complete without this little gem pulled from the pages of Savini’s resume. He has two on this list but this is the best. This whole tenement scene is great. When the cop breaks the door in and fires, we got goo spewing to beat the band. This scene ranks as number two without even trying hard.

1. Scanners (1981) - And here we are once again at number one. Time flies, huh? When I decided to do this list, I knew right away what would be number one before I even came up with the idea. Another Cronenberg that I can't resist. I love this guy. This is when he started to really get his feet wet with gore. You absolutely cannot top this exploding head scene no matter how hard you try. It looked great in 1981 and it looks great now. It’s so cool in fact that Michael Ironside doesn’t even have to touch the guy to send his brains packing. Like the great Cthulhu, his power will make you lose your mind.

See? Wasn’t that a blast? (pun totally intended) Those are my top ten, but like I said, that was really not an easy task. There are so many that are so much fun. One of those is another of Savini’s. It may not be as ambitious as many of the others, but it is definitely original and almost cute. I give you:

Honorable Mention:

Dawn of the Dead Helicopter Zombie - even though it always bothered me that he has a flat, Frankenstein’s Monster head, this is one of the coolest ideas for a zombie death I have ever seen. Plus it gets extra points because it could have gone sooo wrong.
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