Guillermo Del Toro had his own Hellboy

Guillermo del Toro, who wrote and directed the upcoming SF film Hellboy, told SCI FI Wire that he included deliberate references to the original comic book created by Mike Mignola, such as the character's affinity for a certain breakfast item. "The movie is full of nods and winks to the fans, but it's made for anybody to be able to watch it," del Toro said in an interview while promoting the film. "So if you don't notice the pancake joke as an insider, at least you'll notice he's going to swallow 50 pounds of pancakes."

In adapting the film, del Toro wanted to add his own touch to the origin of the red-skinned demon raised by humans to fight evil. "In a silly way, I secretly hope that people will see the movies I make more than once," he said. "I kind of coded who [Hellboy] was in his origin. If you pay attention closely the first time you see him, he is next to a stone statue of a cat. And his father is Broom, but also a sergeant who has a big cigar and says, 'Crap. That's a load of crap.' I said, 'I want to make him the son of those circumstances.'"

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