Hellraiser Remake Director-less?


If you ask me there is some greater force trying to prevent the Hellraiser remake from happening.  First came word that the script written by Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury was being re-written by new writers because Dimension was unsatisfied with their draft.  Now comes word that Bustillo Maury are officially OFF the project as Directors as well.  Many media outlets are reporting that Dimension is now in search of a new direcor as Bustillo and Maury are no longer helming the remake of Clive Barkers classic. 

It is uncertain if this is a move made by Dimension or by Bustillo/Maury, but obviously something fell apart on this project.  I think the timing of the fallout is interesting as Bustillo/Maury's film Inside is about to be released on DVD April 15th through Dimension Extreme.  Seemed like Bustillo/Maury and Dimension had a good thing going, so who parted ways with whom and what lead to the breaking of this deal?  Who knows but I'm sure we'll find out as the search for a new Hellraiser director begins!

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