Bone Sickness Movie Added!

Today I have added the indie zombie flick ‘Bone Sickness’ to our zombie movies database!  I know there has been a bit of a lack of zombie news lately but it will be gearing up again now that I seem to have work under control!


Anyways, this new indie zombie flick looks absolutely fantastic!  I’ve checked out some of their pictures and the gore and FX are absolutely delicious!  This film is touted as ‘a return to the style of At Dawn They Sleep, containing complex story telling with over the top action sequences, and extreme gore’ to quote the website.


The story follows a young man who is terminally ill with a bone disease.  When his friend tries to find an alternative medical treatment (from the more expensive SAFE option) they run into a few problems…which the dead do not care for.


I’m going to get into contact with the director and see if we can get some more info on this movie and maybe some more pictures!  If you are interested please check out the movie page HERE!

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