Watch Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill! Now


Indie filmmakers are always being screwed over by distributors. It's really a sad state of affairs considering all the money they make off of someone elses dreams. LOTS of indie filmmakers are distributing their own films. Great movies too like The Redsin Tower, Gimme Skelter, Gutterballs amd many more all being self distributed.

Not to long ago the filmmakers behind Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill! have decided to go the same route. Right now you can download their film directly to your computer for only $3.99. Yea it may not be the same as having the film in your DVD collection but you are helping out the little independent guys who made this film.

You can head over here right now to download the film and you can also check out their MySpace page or official website as well. Check out the trailer below..

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