Demons Movie Review by DeadHope

“Demons” is a great horror movie produced by Dario Argento, the Italian horror master that brought us “Deep Red” and wrote for George A. Romeros “Dawn of the Dead”. This 1986 film has many elements of a Zombie-Movie, but it’s not, it’s about demons.

A simple opening where a 20-something woman gets a mysterious invitation to a theatre opening. She and her friend arrive to find that the cinema is hosting a horror movie about Nostradamus’ end of the world prediction. “They will make cemeteries their cathedrals and cities your tombs.” The characters in the movie become demons and bedlam shortly follows.

The real horror starts when another woman that has come to the cinema for the show, takes a demon mask from a display in the theatre lobby and gets a little cut on her face. Before long the cut is painful and grotesquely growing, bubbling even. What a gory way to start things off! She transforms and begins attacking the others that have come to the opening. Similar to zombie lore, if you get cut or bit by a demon, you become a demon. Instant Mayhem!!

It’s a good thing the special effects make this a good horror movie, because it was definitely not enhanced by the acting nor the dialogue. There are some great scenes with plenty of blood and infectious demons go to make up for the terrible acting. I love this movie because it has the characters caught in a theatre with slashing demons and plenty of gore. Interesting soundtrack including Billy Idol and Rick Springfield, coupled with a haunting score by Claudio Simonetti of the famed "Goblins" (Who did many of Argento’s films and contributed to the score for Dario Argento's cut of “Dawn of the Dead” –1978.).

Where else can you see a man ride a motorcycle around a movie theatre, attacking demons with a conveniently placed samurai sword? This movie was such a hit with fans of the genre; it spawned a least one decent sequel, which I will review sometime in the near future.
(This movie should not to be confused with the American film titled “Night of the Demons” 1988)

Thanks to DeadHope for another great review.

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