Jones Talks Toolbox Murders 2


I was a big fan of the original Toolbox Murders, a great grindhouse throw back kinda flick. Tobe Hooper remade it a couple years ago and despite some groans from some fans I also enjoyed that one. So I am actually looking at this sequel with optimism. Fangoria managed to catch up with Special FX guy and first time director Dean Jones about his debut.

Jones revealed the sequel will be scripted by Jeffrey Reddick who is pretty hit and miss (Final Destination, Day of the Dead remake). Right now they are working on distribution but the ideal plan is to begin shooting in May. Jones also laid out the basic premise of the sequel:

"The story will pick up where the first movie left off. We will be bringing back Nell [played in the original by Angela Bettis] and her husband, plus a few other characters. The story will continue to take place in Hollywood. This time you will see more of the killer, there will be more murders and more of a backstory about where he’s from and how he came to be.”

He didn't hint at any casting but I can only hope that they can bring Angela Bettis back. They do plan on using her character so lets hope they have her back. Be sure to keep it here for more on Toolbox Murders 2.

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