Prom Night Rules the Box Office


Despite a horrible review by 5thdroog one of our horror members who knows his stuff Prom Night ruled the box office bringing in $23million and the #1 spot. ( early review of Prom Night ). Is this because its a fantastic film? Or is it once again another formula remake catering to a target audience of teens? I am gonna trust 5thdroogs review and wait to see this one on DVD... but it does seem not many agree with me. The film pulled in a big whack of change which is good for horror as a genre.

In Prom Night a group of friends attending their senior prom find themselves under assault from a mysterious killer who has some link to their past, a past they thought they left long, long ago. 

The remake is helmed by veteran TV director Nelson McCormick (has also been attached to the Stepfather remake, dunno how the WGA strike has affect that) and penned by J.S Cardone (The Covenant, The Forsaken).  The original film was directed by Paul Lynch, who later directed Humongous. 


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