Diary of the Dead Short Film Winners!


I'm sure most of you remember the Diary of the Dead MySpace film competition. We also announced awhile back that good friend of the site Paul Del Vecchio had won the grand prize. Well today the rest of the winners were announced and you will be able to watch each of their shorts right now. Along with Pauls grand prize entry.

The contest was put together by The Weinstein Company and Mr. Romero, who is responsible for the American classic, Night of the Living Dead. The top twenty films were selected through user votes on the social networking site, MySpace, and through a special selective process by members of The Weinstein Company. The top twenty films were then screened for Mr. Romero, who hand-picked five films – four winners and one grand prize winner. The five films will be featured on the Diary of the Dead DVD and the Grand Prize Winner, The Final Day, will have its own featured section on the DVD.

We’re elated that The Weinstein Company and Mr. Romero picked our film to be the Grand Prize Winner from among the three hundred and ten other films. That type of validation is simply just a remarkable experience,” states company owner and Director of The Final Day, Paul Del Vecchio. “We just hope this experience opens up a few doors and allows us to keep making films because we have a lot of ideas that we feel would be both entertaining for the fans and profitable for the studios.”

Grand Prize - The Final Day

First Prize - Deader Living Through Chemistry

First Prize - Opening Night of the Living Dead

First Prize - & Teller

First Prize - Run For Your Life

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