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We had a chance to play 20 questions with Uwe Boll about his upcoming film projects and the controversy that has been stirring lately around the petition to get him to stop making movies and more. Uwe Boll is a fun and interesting guy who really enjoys sharing his insights on his filmmaking.

Uwe Bolls latest "Postal" is crude, raw, grossly funny and based on the popular videogame of the same name. The film also pushes the boundaries of good taste and all that is politically, morally and socially correct as if it were a live-action "South Park."

Unemployed and frustrated, Dude (Zack Ward) is intent on finally making some money and running away from the hell hole that has become his life. In his feeble attempt to get back on track, he reluctantly joins his uncle Dave (Dave Foley) in a get-rich-quick scheme involving the stealing and reselling of the scarce but highly sought after OKrotch-y-Dolls, the must-have toy of the season.

In outrageous tribute to the videogame, writer/director Uwe Boll ensures that "Postal" holds true to its trailer-trash origins: offensive dialogue, random violence and inane, wildly comedic characters that will surely want to make all comers go "postal."

For those who are not familiar with the plot of Postal, please give us a short overview.

The Postal Dude lives with his fat 500 pound wife in a trailer. He needs a job. He needs money. He needs a way out of Paradise City.

To make his life even harder we have Osama Bin Laden and his good buddy George Bush, Verne Troyer (who will get raped by monkeys), Dave Foley as the Dudes uncle who runs a sekt to end the world, the Taliban - and Dr. Uwe Boll - owner of a Nazi Theme Park - who wanna smuggle the Bird-Flu in the Krotchy Doll (a Penis Doll) to America to kill everybody....

To tell the story is senseless....but its a great story

Postal, though still based on a computer game, is quite different from your other video game films. This one is an irreverent comedy that parodies everything from George Bush to the Taliban. When writing the script, why did you choose to take such a comedic route?

I said to Vince Desi (the videogame producer): "I will not make a serious movies out of a game where you can use cat's as silencers!"

For me POSTAL was an opportunity to show what the real Uwe Boll is about ...he is full of shit....

Incidentally, why this love for films based on video games? It seems to be a recurring theme for you.

HOUSE OF THE DEAD made money ...so I kept doing it

The comedy in Postal is rather harsh and I have to admit that it does look funny. What sort of feedback do you expect from American audiences?

They will love it! All the screenings went well so far .... I hope the exhibitors will give us 2000 screens

5What sort of reaction are you hoping for?

No matter what the reaction is :POSTAL is funny as shit.... I love POSTAL and I will love it forever.... This will be in 10 years a real movie like BLUES BROTHER ..what you will still enjoy to see to see Dave Foley's dick ....... full frontal....I'mean come on

Are there horror elements in this film as well?

Its very brutal .... 100.000 bullets ...dead children.... explosions......

You have noted that you will "probably end up in jail for [Postal]," but that you were attempting to create a movie that is "ruthless, just like Monty Python movies used to be." What exactly are you trying to accomplish?

POSTAL is a movie like BLUES BROTHERS meets NAKED GUN and LIFE WITH BRIAN ...but it is also a political satire about everything what happened since September 11

Well I couldn't stay away from this topic for too long. I want to know more about your views on the current petition to get you to stop making films. I have watched both of your video responses and have always been intrigued by your in-your-face attitude toward your critics. Do you plan to actually stop making films if one million sign this petition like you said?

Maybe yes ...but I have to control that there are 1 mio. different people signing. I know that Michael Bay under cover signed already 20 times

In your first video response you state that you are "no f*cking retard like Michael Bay or Eli Roth making the same sh*tty movies over and over again." Some critics would argue that you are doing just that. When asked to defend your work, what can you say to prove otherwise?

If they would look my movies they would see my range: HEART OF AMERICA is a drama about school violence, HOUSE OF THE DEAD is a Zombie Movie, ALONE IN THE DARK a Sci-Fi Action Movie, BLOODRAYNE a vampire period piece, IN THE NAME OF THE KING a fantasy epic, POSTAL a comedy, SEED a horrorthriller, FAR CRY an ACTION MOVIE, BLOODRAYNE 2 a western

You also say that you are the "only genius in the whole f*cking business" and that when we see Postal, we will see your genius. Define what genius means to you.

I financed, developed, produced, directed (even wrote a few), sold, distributed over 10 movies in 7 years ...... for over 200 mio. $ .... who ever did that...??

You called for a pro-Boll petition in response to the anti-Boll petition and it was set up. How do the numbers currently compare?

The Anti Boll Petition was 2.5 years in the market with 10.000 votes ...there are 6 PRO BOLL Petitions since one week in the market with in total 6000 votes

You have a history of creating news by challenging your critics to boxing matches, etc. What do you say in response to the claim that the original petition is nothing more than a publicity stunt orchestrated by you?

I didnt started the Petition ....

I have to admire your tenacity but when you make film after film and receive as many negative reviews as you do, what prompts you to continue and keeps you motivated?

KING was outside of US a big success and got also 50% good reviews . So far POSTAL and SEED getting more good as bad reviews. I'm a boxer who gets back up from the ground till the opponent quits

Of course you have received positive feedback. Seed, for instance, won Best Special Effects at the New York City Horror Film Festival in 2007. Do you feel vindicated when something like that arises?

Absolutely ... So if it keeps going like this I will get in 78 years the OSCAR

Does your track record with critics and reviews that are less then glowing does it make it hard getting A list actors?

Not really. Actors wanna judge me on their own...and if I meet an actor ...he works for me

As a critic I attempt to view each film as its own entity regardless of my feelings about a director's former titles. Do you believe that you get unfair reviews on new films based on the ones before it?

Absolutly ... I think the critics should get brainwashed (maybe from Scientology) before they judge my next movie

You did a stint as a film reviewer years ago. What would you have said about your movies?

It depends  HOUSE 3 out 10 (for good action, cgi, sound), ALONE 4 ---for a good Slater and Dorff and good action, BLOODRAYNE 5 --for great value, look and cast and MEATLOAF

KING 6 --- because its a good acted, great looking movie, great action and CGI. Heart of America 7 ...for good actors, intense story , realistic approach. SEED 8 ---for one of the most nihilistic, depressing horror movies ever --with maybe the hardest horrorscene ever (the HAMMER scene) 1968-TUNNELRATS - my vietnam war movie --very intense and realistic POSTAL - 10 ...... it NAILS the absurd world we are living in

Do you listen to your critics advice or do you simply ignore them and move on to make the movies you want to make?

I took a lot of the reviews into account and from BLOODRAYNE on the movies got better scripts

You have been quoted as saying you expect your films to reach cult status. Would you prefer cult status to mainstream success?

I dont care as long revenues coming in so that I make more movies

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