Michael Chiklis as The Thing Images

As you all know Fantastic Four filming is now under way in Canada and the Hollywood North Report got a few behind the scenes photos of Michael Chiklis as The Thing.

"The first thing (sorry couldn’t resist) you’ll notice is the massive width of Chiklis in the suit…he literally looks to be over 350 pounds in weight but very short and stocky with massive legs and feet. Chiklis in real life is a non-imposing man standing 5 foot 9 in height and around 190-200 pounds at most so this is a dramatic change for him. The orange-hued skin coloring does seem spot on and overall from our brief views of him with the cape off he definitely looks like The Thing (very Kirby-esque)...we would give the overall body suit+outfit+makeup a 9 out of 10; on par with X-Men 2...only to be expected seeing a lot of the same people worked on both projects here in Vancouver."

To check out the photos click here. 

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