Black Devil Doll Invades Wasteland


From April 4th - 6th fans from all across the states and even some great folks from the great white north converged on Strongsville, Ohio for the 13th Cinema Wasteland convention. On hand was a huge array of guests including Dyanne Thorne, Don Edmonds, Catriona MacColl, Sid Haig, Jack Hill, etc. But none of them were ready for the madness that was about to unfold.

Black Devil Doll was in the building and the "Adults Only" clip was about to screened at 7:30. Jonathan Lewis came up and introduced to the clip to a packed house along with Editor of Ultra Violent magazine Art Ettinger. First we were treated to the unrated theatrical trailer which was followed by a life feed VIA Oakland, CA. Black Devil Doll himself was fuckin chillin with a 40 oz! He came on and introduced the clip. People where laughing and applauding all at the same time throughout. But that wasn't it.

The following day word of mouth began traveling around the convention so they were given another screening of the clip for those who might have missed it. If you have ever been to a Wasteland show then you know that by the time 9:00 PM comes around almost everyone is wasted. So that's when the clip was going to be re-shown.

I was lucky to be able to get a seat up close to watch this madness unfold one more time. I had a couple drinks myself so at this point everything was a little hazy. But before director Jonathan Lewis could even stand up to approach the table to introduce it people were shouting, "HE'S A MOTHA FUCKIN PUPPET!!". To say it was a room packed full of drunken horror fans would be an understatement. Throughout they entire intro, trailer, live feed and the final clip you couldn't hear anything but cheers and drunken rants about the Black Devil Doll. It was a grand screening and a huge success. The crowd was ecstatic and the room was packed with energy.

I met back up with Producer/Writer Shawn and director Jonathan Lewis after the screening and we discussed the sequel and plenty of other upcoming projects they have coming down the line. Jonathan and Shawn are creating a bad ass franchise here. Something I think no filmmaker has done so quickly. I mean the movie is not even out yet and I already have a shirt and a fuckin poster! These guys are geniuses at marketing to the fans and I believe they have the film to back it up. Get ready folks because come October, Black Devil Doll will be invading your DVD player!

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