Romeros Staunton Hill Trailer


It has been EONS since I have heard anything about Cameron Romeros upcoming film Staunton Hill. It was getting some buzz then BLAM nothing. Today we got an update sent to us. Trailers for Cameron Romero¹s horror film "Staunton Hill" along with prizes and access to the cast will be at Fangoria¹s Weekend of Horrors at the Los Angeles Convention Center April 25-27.
Director Cameron Romero and his film's monster, B.J. Hendricks, can be seen at BOOTH 825 along with many stars from the film including  Kathy Lamkin, Sherry Weston, Cristen Coppen, Kiko Ellsworth, Christine Carlo, Paula Rhodes, Charlie Bodin, Cooper Huckabee, and David Rountree.

Romero scripted the film along with David Rountree. The film stars Kathy Lamkin, Kiko Ellsworth, David Rountree and Cooper Huckabee. Staunton Hill takes place in the hills of Virginia during the 60s when an unlucky group of hikers runs into the evil Staunton family. All of which is being shot in the Pittsburgh, PA area right now.

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