Stump the Band on DVD

Stump the Band is coming to DVD June 3rd. We dont have any specs or art yet but we do have the synopsis. Check back soon for the artwork! For most musicians, the road can be hell. But for a sexy all female rock band touring their way across America, the road just became their worst nightmare! While on their way to a record company showcase in Los Angeles, their van breaks down somewhere in the wilds of Wisconsin. Soon they'll have to fight for their lives against a trio of back road psychos, one of whom wields a mean axe to satisfy a murderous foot fetish.

This sexy, rock out, gross out, laugh out loud horror fest is destined to be a cult classic! Featuring a kick butt soundtrack from a host of up and coming girl bands and edgy performances from Danny Cooksey (Terminator 2, Different Strokes); Dominique Davalos (Howard the Duck) and Carl Ciarfalio (Casino).
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