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A while ago I wrote some news about the Japanese hit film Death Note coming to the US. My first report said that this would be sometime in the spring via Viz Media. While checking out future movie releases here in my hometown of Chicago, I noticed the local AMC lists that Death Note begins on Tuesday May 20th. Doing a little more digging I found an article on AnimeNewsNetwork which states that this showing will be TWO NIGHTS ONLY.

Viz Media's film affiliate Viz Pictures is teaming up with NCM Fathom to present High-Def screenings of Death Note on May 20 & 21st only! This screening is going to take place at 7:30pm local time in 300 theaters across the US. It will feature the US debut of Death Note with an exclusive 20 minute preshow featuring an interview with Director Shusuke Kaneko, a featurette on how the live action film translated from the hit manga, and the video for "Dani California" by Red Hot Chili Peppers which is used in the film. Tickets went on sale yesterday and can be purchased through I highly suggest you head there and see if the film is playing in a theater near you as I thought it was quite the great thriller/mystery. If you can make it on one of the two days, definately try and do so because you wont be disappointed.

If you cant make it to one of the screenings on the 20th or 21st, you are going to have to wait until September 16th. The official US website DeathNoteFilms lists Sept 16th as the official DVD release date for Death Note via Viz Pictures. Not much is known about the official DVD specs except it says it will include Director's interview, behind the scenes features and more. So my guess is this is the same stuff showing in front of the theatrical screenings.

No word yet on if the sequel to Death Note, Death Note: The Last Name, will be hitting US theaters or DVD soon as DeathNoteFilms only lists it as COMING SOON.

In Death Note, Battle Royale's Tatsuya Fujiwara stars as Light Yagami who finds the "Death Note," a notebook with the power to kill and he decides to create a Utopia by killing the world's criminals. Soon the world's greatest detective, known only as the mysterious "L", is hired to find the perpetrator. An all out battle between the greatest minds on earth begins, the winner controlling the world.

Death Note is not by any means an R rated film as it is more thriller/mystery/suspense than anything with that manga/anime feel. I always refer to it like a PG-13 Zodiac as it revolves around a lot of the police pursuit/investigation of mysterious deaths. It is very smart and takes many twists that keep the viewer on their toes. The sequel, Death Note: The Last Name, picks up right where the first one left off as it is one long movie split into two, just like Kill Bill. You can check out my reviews for both films below.

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