Full Trailer for Timo Rose's Beast


Today we finally get a glimpse of what Timo Rose has really been cooking up for the past couple of weeks. The cast of Timo Rose's Beast consists mainly of people that Timo feels comfortable with from his other films. Joe Zaso, Raine Brown, Andreas Pape, Joe Davison, Eileen Daly, Yassmin Pucci and Timo, himself, will jump in front of the cameras from time to time as well.

The plot is still a bit sparse but from what we know an estranged man finally comes home to his family after dealing with some of his own "inner demons". While there a German werewolf is roaming the woods while two hunters are tracking him. Of course their will be a big body count with plenty of twists and turns as well.

Below you can check out the first full theatrical trailer for the film. You can check out more at the films MySpace page.

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