A Tale of Two...er...The Uninvited Release Date


Sorry for the title, I couldnt help it.  The Uninvited, the crappy title for the remake of the Korean classic A Tale of Two Sisters, has gotten a release date.  Fangoria reports that The Uninvited will be landing in a theater near you on January 30th, 2009.   It appears this will be the film to open the remake floodgates in 2009 as other remakes slated for '09 include Friday the 13th, Hellraiser, The Wolf Man, and My Bloody Valentine 3-D. 

The Uninvited revolves around Anna who just returned home after a stay in a mental hospital.  She returns home to her sister Alex but soon sturggles with her recovery because of her cruel stepmother and a ghost in the house.  Alex does all she can to help Anna and alert their father of their stepmothers evil ways but he is clueless.  Alex and Anna must stick together to open their fathers eye and rid themselves of their stepmother and the scary ghost in the house.

The Uninvited is Directed by Charles & Thomas Guard and stars Emily Browning (Darkness Falls, Ghost Ship), Arielle Kebbel (The Grudge 2, Reeker), Elizabeth Banks(Slither), and David Strathairn (Fracture).

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