SplatterHouse Comes to WII


Alien25 the third most handsome ghoul killer on our site sent me word of a new game for WII called SplatterHouse and I went to Nintendo and got you the goods. Rick and Jennifer, both parapsychology students at the local university, are visiting West Mansion, site of the research lab where the famed Dr. West conducted some of his most gruesome experiments. A sudden storm forces them to find shelter inside the mansion. Once inside, they are attacked by monsters. Jennifer is kidnapped and Rick is knocked unconscious.

Hours later, Rick awakes to find himself covered in blood, with the Terror Mask stuck to his face. His only hope is to depend on the ancient powers of the mask to give him the strength and courage to find Jennifer. Now Rick's fight has begun! Splatter your way through 7 stages of side-scrolling horror action. Armed with cleavers and shotguns, Rick must fight his way through the monsters of West Mansion and defeat the bosses at the end of every stage. The creepy music, gruesome monsters, gory action and shocking events leading up to the finale will keep you on the edge of your seat!

No screenshots yet.. but soon! Thanks to Alien for the tip and of course if you have news feel free to share it!

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