Another Director for Clock Tower


The first director announced for this job was Jorge Olguin but soon his vision wasn't meshing well with the studio so he is was dropped. Then Don Carmody was up for the job and for some reason he was dropped. Lastly Eric Valette was up for the job. But according to Variety we now have a new director behind the project, Martin Weisz.

Eric Poppen who worked on the Borderland script will try and make this story combine elements of all of the Clock Tower games. But the focus of this new film will be on “Clock Tower 2: The Struggle Within,” in which the heroine finds herself locked up in a psychiatric hospital as she tries to escape the curse that has haunted her family for generations.

My hope is that Weisz does not turn this into another Hills Have Eyes 2. The game is spooky because of the atmosphere that is created. Not because of the gore or the shock element which is pretty much all we know him for. Shooting on the film is expected to begin in July.

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