Deodato's Cannibals

Ruggero Deodato is a man who will do down in history with probably the most controversial horror film ever made under his belt. The 1980 masterpiece Cannibal Holocaust. Its been rumored for a few years now that Deodato was working on a companion piece to the first film, set in a metropolitan surrounding.  Well, it looks like the film will finally be happening.

Bloody-Disgusting got a look at the sales poster for the film, titled Cannibals at the moment. Its very simple, yet pretty cool looking. Imagination Films (the company behind the project) currently lists the film in Pre-Production. No official plot synopsis has been offered or time of release.

I'm crossing my fingers for this, would love to see what Deodato will do.  Hopefully do something that will shock us in a different way than Holocaust did.  Christine Conradt is writing the screenplay.
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