Goblin Shark Attack Info


I hear a lot of complaints that "horror movies arent realistic" but whats more realistic than a shark attack?  It happens all the time to unsuspecting people. We recently had a fatal attack occur in the US.  With that said, a new killer shark film has just finished shooting down in Australia.  Fangoria reports that Goblin Shark Attack has wrapped shooting in Queensland and information on the shark filled mayhem has been revealed.

Goblin Shark Attack will revolve around a seaquake that takes place near a cavern.  The seaquake causes the release of huge goblin sharks and also causes a tsunami that crashes the Malibu shore and floods the area.  A group of beach lifeguards survive the wave but are trapped in the rubble of the flooded beach town and now must fight off the goblin sharks that are on the loose. 

Producer Dale Bradley gave some details about what to expect in Goblin Shark Attack.  The films monsters are called goblin sharks which are modeled after great whites but are larger and have different features as well.  Check out the concept art photo at the bottom to get an idea of what to expect.

Bradley also said the film has a little bit of Alien in it, as well as a Jaws 3-D homage, and even some 70's genre classics.  He talked about using real shark carcasses for a scene in a flooded construction site that involves chainsaws and concrete cutters and how difficult using these carcasses turned out to be.

For more information on what Dale Bradley had to say about the film and to check out a few more production photos(including some amputation) go to the Fangoira Article

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