Andromeda Strain Collectible Contest


Ridley & Tony Scotts Andromeda Strain is getting ready to hit TV and DVD and we are doing what we do best and giving away a cool prize. From executive producers Ridley Scott (American Gangster, Gladiator) and Tony Scott (Numb3rs) comes The Andromeda Strain, the edge-of-your seat, four-hour miniseries about a team of scientists investigating a deadly disease from an alien world that threatens to destroy mankind.  Debuting as an original A&E television event on May 26 and 27

To help you survive the destruction of mankind we are giving away the lab costume of Major Bill Keene (played by Ricky Schroder) which consists of a complete lab suit for you to wear around town, stage your own Level 4 crisis, or do any other zany things you might like. To enter this contest email with your name/age/address and include your USERNAME on the boards. Yes that means you must be a site member. You must have at least 20 toe tags to enter this contest. Any questions post in the comments. Happy Hunting!

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