First Pic From Friday the 13th


It seems that not too many fans are not to keen on the remake to Friday the 13th. But oddly enough I am actually excited to see the franchise revived in a new way. As long as they keep Jason Voorhees and Camp Crystal Lake do they really need anything else? The originals will always be classic, there will be no replacing them. But a new look, at this point, is nothing but good news.

Anyway Brad Fuller just posted a new blog on the Platinum Dunes site talking about the new Jason and the first pic from the set, "In this movie you will see a feral, brutal Jason who is hell-bent on killing in astonishing ways. And tonight our director, Marcus Nispel, constructed a shot of Jason as he is about to strike, that is when I got scared. The shot is iconic in its construction. It's our 'Batman' or 'Spiderman' shot and when you see the movie you will know exactly what I am talking about. It is the single shot that tells you everything you need to know about Jason."

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