Zombies aka Wicked Little Things DVD Art

From the studio comes the DVD Art for ZOMBIES aka Wicked Little Things. This is one movie we have all been waiting very impatiently to check out. Director J.S. Cardone (writer of The Covenant and the recent hit remake of Prom Night and director of The Forsaken) adds a new spin to the ever-popular zombie movie genre with the creepy ZOMBIES (aka Wicked Little Things), a dark tale of a group of children back from the dead and determined to seek revenge for their mass killing almost a century ago.

The film stars Scout Taylor-Compton (Rob Zombie's Halloween), Lori Heuring (Runaway Jury; Anger Management; Mulholland Dr.), Chloe Moretz (The Eye; The Amityville Horror), Geoffrey Lewis (The Devil's Rejects) and Ben Cross (Exorcist: The Beginning).

In financial trouble following the recent death of her husband, Karen Tunny (Heuring) and her two children, teenage Sarah (Taylor-Compton) and younger daughter Emma (Moretz), are forced to relocate to a remote mountain home in the woods of Addytown, Pennsylvania, which Karen has inherited from her husband's family. The Tunny's soon learn of the locals' reluctance to go anywhere near the woods after dark. Legend has it that for almost a hundred years, child zombies have been roaming the woods at night, seeking the flesh of the living. The story is believed to stem from an incident in 1913, when many child labourers were buried alive during the collapse of the nearby Carlton mine in which they were working. It is said that following the disaster, the children rose as the undead to avenge themselves against the families and descendents of those responsible for their deaths. Karen and Sarah are naturally sceptical, but when young Emma begins to insist that her latest 'imaginary' friend Mary is real, they suspect there could be a bizarre element of truth to the legend. The horrifying reality of the situation is finally revealed to Sarah when she and three of her friends are attacked in the woods and the Tunny's eventually find themselves under siege by a horde of zombie children.

Armed with pickaxes and shovels, and combining the sinister creepiness of Damien Thorn (from The Omen) with the murderous motivations of the Children Of The Corn, the carnivorous killer kids of ZOMBIES amount to a fresh and uniquely unsettling addition to the celluloid legion of the movie undead.

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