TLA Acquires Gutterballs


TLA Releasing has just acquired the North American rights to Ryan Nicholson's Gutterballs. As you may remember Plotdigger Films was selling the film on their site and distributing the film themselves. But now thanks to the folks at TLA they will now be getting the film released on TLA's Danger After Dark label.

Gutterballs features a group of innocent teenagers preparing for the next evening’s local bowling tournament. The night ends and one of the girls wanders back alone, becoming a victim of a brutally sadistic gang rape. On the night of the tournament, players from each of the competing teams begin to meet blood-drenched, gruesome deaths at the hands of a mysterious masked killer sporting black bowling-gloves and a thirst for killing in unconventionally creative methods. As the remaining teenagers fight for their lives, the alley will run red with blood and, by sunrise, a shocking gory twist will reveal who is behind all the carnage and mayhem.

It is great to see another indie being picked up and distributed. Especially because TLA is going to be releasing this film completely uncut. So the entire film will be shown which is really the only way this movie can be seen. Check out my review here and keep it here for the DVD specs and artwork.

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