Piranha 3D Aja's worst project?


So here is a cool little interview that was posted over at Fangoria today.  They talked with Director Alexandre Aja about how Piranha 3D, the remake of 1978's Piranha, was going for him.  He said something about this project being bad for him that really intrigued me:

“I think I picked the worst project for me. You cannot do worse than water, underwater kids, spring break, shooting during summer, a lot of CGI, a lot of prosthetics. I have the worst elements for a movie, but the project was so exciting that I cannot not do it."

Its not everyday that you hear a Director admit that something is the worst project for them to do.  But if it's any consolation he has a lot of good things to say about what he expects from the gore side of the film as well as where it will land amongst horrors classics.  Its a short but interesting interview, head on over and check out Fangoria's full Aja Interview for all the rest of the juicy details.


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