Seeley Talks Re-Animator Hack/Slash Crossover


Awhile back we mentioned that Devils Due was planning on doing a crossover with their comic franchise Hack/Slash and Re-Animator's Herbert West. Today Newsarama spoke with writer/artist on the comic, Tim Seeley, about how Herbert West was going to fit into the world of Cassie Hack.

"I want to make sure I do crossovers that only totally make sense for the story. As a kid, I could always tell when an issue of a series had been shoe-horned into a crossover event or saddled with a "hot character appearance." So, when I was planning out these issues initially, Herbert instantly came to mind to fill an important roll. This'll be a very seamless entry into the Hack/Slash mythos. Also, it'll be fun as hell, and full of gross shit."

He went on to explain the relationship between Herbert West and Cassies father a little more, "Essentially, readers will finally get to meet Cassie's long lost Dad, a man we've been teasing the existence of since the first issue. But, ol' Jack Hack has some questionable connections, and we'll see how that affects his daughter and her big, meaty partner."

Newsarama also had the chance to speak with Brian Yuzna who handles everything Re-Animator. During the interview he mentioned the final trio of films in the Re-Animator saga and hinted that it might be hitting comic shelves before it ever hits screens. Keep it here for more.

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