Bad Meat is Done


Word has been spreading that Rob Schmidt's recent film Bad Meat was running out of money. Capitol Films were supposed to be funding the film and had been doing a very poor job of getting them the money when they needed it. Today Nikki Finke's Deadline Hollywood has learned that whole production is done.

SAG has now entered the scene and is looking to shut down all productions under Capitol Films. That is of course until David Bergstein, owner of Capitol Films, gets on his game and gets the money out. However Nikki got a scoop from someone within Bad Meat:

It's done, over, kaput,” an insider told Finke. “A sorry day for a lot of actors, producers, the writer/director, wardrobe, hair, makeup, hotels, craft services, drivers, etc. -- hundreds of people who weren't fully paid. Only a couple actors had all their money put in escrow and are therefore whole.”

It looks like, for now anyway, that Bad Meat is a wrap. However the film is 2/3 of the way done. Now it makes me wonder if there may be some way for Schimdt to buy his film back and take it somewhere else. Only time will tell.

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