Army of the Dead Director Chosen


Awhile back we told you about Zach Snyder and his wife Deborah were producing Army of the Dead through their Warners' based Cruel and Unusual Films. Today THR reports that commercial filmmaker and visual artist Matthijs van Heijningen is set to make his directorial debut on Army of the Dead.

The idea behind the film was originally conceived by Zach and then adapted into a screenplay by Joby Harold (Awake). What we know most about the plot is what Deborah Snyder had to say:

"Basically, something happened in Vegas and there was this huge outbreak of these zombies that were killing people... So to contain it they basically contain Vegas...One of our characters goes in there to investigate and gets trapped inside and her father goes in to search for her. He can't do it alone so he gets a group of mercenaries under the guise that there's money still in the casinos, because they don't care about his daughter...What's important is tone. Like 'Dawn' has fun but it never makes fun. It's different than the tone of 28 Days Later, those films are super serious. I think 'Dawn' had a little bit more fun with it and we're hoping to have a similar tone in 'Army.'"

Sounds good to me. Last news that also came from the Army front is that it will be shot under the same style as Sin City and 300 to give it a bit more of a graphic novel feel. Dunno if that is still the case.

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