Meagan Good Talks Unborn


Meagan Good spoke to the folks over at the MTV Movie Blog and revealed that she owes a lot of her career to Danielle Harris. Believe it or not Halloween IV and V had a lot to do with her desire to act. Now she is doing a couple horror films as well including Saw V and The Unborn.

Good told the site, “Basically, there’s a little boy who gets murdered in the Holocaust, whose spirit is trying to possess certain people in his family,” she said of “Unborn.” “It comes down the family chain in twins, because he was a twin. I can’t say too much more, because I don’t want to ruin the plot, but it’s really scary. Gary Oldman is also in it, Idris Elba, Cam Gigandet and Odette Yustman.”

Of course she couldn't say anything about Saw V because as we all know everything behind those films is top secret. This October we may get double the hotness depending on when they plan on releasing The Unborn. Hopefully we will see a lot more of Good in future horror films.

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