The Butcher Trailer is Here


It looks like some of our "torture porn" films have just hit South Korea because today we have a trailer from The Butcher. Now this film is actually pretty unique in the way it is filmed however taking a que from the recent cinema verite films as well. The Butcher is making its International debut at the New York Asian Film Festival on Saturday, June 21st.

Told entirely through two POV video cameras, The Butcher throws viewers abruptly into the middle of chaos and death: a handful of people have been abducted and lie bloodied and bound on the floor of a rotting slaughterhouse. Nearby, a team of snuff film producers are discussing their gruesome handiwork: torturing their captives to death, one by one, and selling the tapes overseas to foreign audiences hungry for footage of Koreans murdering one another.

The trailer below is pretty graphic so keep that in mind before hitting play. Check it out..

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