Will The Happening be Shyamalans last?


You have to ask yourself, if M. Night Shyamalans new film The Happening stinks up the box office will this be his last big hoorah in the box office? My good friend Vic went to see it already and tells me the movie is absolutely horrid and its where this conversation comes from. If you are reading this and have seen the movie be sure to contribute your own review of it.

Shyamalan broke onto the movie scene with his first big hit the Sixth Sense which was intense, well written and had an ending that came out of nowhere. The movie put its knee on your throat and ground as you tried to figure out where you went wrong and where this insane twist came from. It was spooky, it was well written and it really did redefine the supernatural genre which is right now plagued with remakes of asian horror films. This being good or bad depending on your personal outlook.

M Night proved that creative writing, with outstanding story telling and casting works! The Sixth Sense quite literally put him on the map as the next great filmmaker and horror icon. It is a real shame that his follow up films managed to miss the mark so sharply. Signs, The Village, and Lady in the Water seemed to get progressively worse with Lady in the Water really putting the nail in the coffin of what looked to be the next big thing in the directors seat.

You will notice that I did not mention unbreakable. Unbreakable although not as good as the Sixth Sense was in fact a good film in my books. It had its flaws and it had a shot at being a top notch film but fell apart mid stream after an intense opening and some great sequences at the mid point where Bruce finds out.. he is Unbreakable.

So ask yourself. With The Happening coming to theatres do you think it will deliver? And if it does not do you think that a major studio will be willing to give Shyamalan another shot at the theatres? Or will he be doomed to the dvd bin like many before him?

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