Brutal Massacre Trailer Contest


Anchor Bay just contacted us to let you know that they have a little Youtube/Brutal Massacre contest going on. I hesitated about posting this since technically we have no hand in the contest at all but then I remembered when one of our very own community members one the grand prize with the Diary of the Dead contest. So I know we have some talented filmmakers on this site who would be more than willing to snatch the top prize here.

The contest is simple. In Brutal Massacre the character Harry Penderecki mentions a couple faux films, Sasquatch at the Mall, The Fish who Ate Flesh, Bowel Movement and Garbage Man. All you have to do is create a faux trailer for one of them and include this title card. The trailer has to be within :30 to 3:00 minutes long. No longer, no shorter.

The prize is $1,000 and the winning trailer will be featured on an upcoming Anchor Bay DVD. Runner up will receive a ten pack of horror DVDs from Anchor Bay. So get started making those trailers and then upload them onto the Brutal Massacre Youtube contest page. The contest ends on July 15th. Good luck!

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