Poultrygeist Comes To DC

Well, Fairfax, Virginia is more specific. The much talked about film by the director of Toxic Avenger and Troma head Llyod Kaufman will come to Fairfax, Virginia. For of course, one night only.

For those who live in the area, there is this nice theater in the Fair City Mall called Cinema Arts Theatre who, if you can guess by their name, show indie, foreign, and art house films. A really cool place you should check out if you're like me and know most theaters are cultural wastelands catering to the masses and rarely show anything of high quality short of Speilberg. I should know this because I work in one.

I was on their website today and learned much to my shock and awe (as really nothing cool goes anywhere outside the immediate vicinity of LA, NYC, or other big entertainment cities...thus by process of the Kevin Bacon game, no where near Northern Virginia) that not only with Cinema Arts be showing Poultrygueist: Night of the Chicken Dead but that Llyod Kaufman himself will be attending as a special guest.  And there will be a Q&A session after the film.  I already got a question brewing in my noggin.  The event will be hosted by Count Gore De Vol.

How cool is this? I mean...how cool is this?! FINALLY...after months of gripping about nothing cool coming to my area...something cool comes to my area. Maybe I should gripe more...never know. Anywho, Poultrygueist: Night of the Chicken Dead, along with four award winning short horror films, will be showing on July 17, 2008, showtimes are not up yet, but I'd imagine somewhere in the start of 7-9pm range would be a good guess and tickets will cost $12.

Tickets though it seems can only be bought at their box office. I'm planning to pick mine up tomorrow after work. Hope maybe to see some folks there.
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