Waxwork Could Be the Next Remake


Horror director Anthony Hickox recently stopped in over at Fangoria to discuss the upcoming special edition DVD of his film, Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat. I have never even heard of the film but if Hickox directed it and Bruce Campbell is involved I would say its worth looking into. Especially since Michael Felsher had a hand in bringing the DVD to life.

However the big news to come out of this article is that his fantastic film Waxwork may be getting remade very soon. “The guy who owns the rights to it is dying to remake it, but he doesn’t get along with one of the other producers from the original,” Hickox tells the site. “However, I’m sure they will work something out. If they do that, it still needs to be campy—and the mummy would have to move a lot faster than it did in mine! If they do get it going, my only request is to do a cameo appearance.”

I don't think they could pull off a campy remake of this film. I think it would be best if they moved ahead and maybe added a more horrific element to it. A remake for Waxwork would have to be like what they did for Dawn of the Dead. Just take the core idea and go with it. This keeps fans of the original happy and provides us with a different take on the story. Keep it here for more.

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