Punisher 2 Trailer


Time to pull back the curtain on the new film Punisher Warzone. Admittedly not a true horror movie but LIONSGATE has been billing this as a REALLY bloody rework tht will bring new life to the film. Now you can checkout the trailer right here I got very excited about this movie when months back Lexi told MoviesOnline that this is not your PG13 Candy Ass Punisher that its a HARD R and a VERY violent film. Quote;

It will definitely be a hard R and luckily LionsGate has been great about it in terms of guide lines on violence. They are a good studio to make a violent movie with and I really like a violent movie. Definitely going to be a Hard R rating.

She also talks about the past film and how it compares to this one. Simply put it doesnt and she could care less about that fact. She made her own movie and I am frankly really excited now for Punisher 2: War Zone! Read the entire interview!

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